Deluxe ATS Target Stand

Deluxe ATS Target Stand

This package includes the ATS 3 in 1 Stand, AR500 Steel Target, Adaptive Target Bracket, Wide Footprint Base, and 2 quick release pins for easy assembly/disassembly.

Wood beams and paper targets sold separately.
  • Details

    ATS System Stand (Competitor Price $199.99)
    - 34" x 22" x 10"

    AR500 Steel Target
    - 9" Circular Plate
    - 3/8" Thickness
    - Water-Jetted (to preserve strength and hardness)

    AR500 Steel Bracket
    - Used to mount the AR500 Steel Plate to the ATS Stand System
    - Perfectly angled to prevent bullet fragments from ricocheting

    Wide Footprint Base
    - Two 34" feet, 22" wide
    - Maintains stability of the ATS Stand System, especially on uneven terrain

    Two (2) Quick-Release Pins
    - Easily assemble/disassemble the stand in seconds

    *Wood Support Beams are not included. The recommended dimensions are:

    Paper Targets - 1" x 2"

    Steel Targets - 2" x 4"

    (We do not recommend using a support beam that is taller than 6')